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i-Boating:Europe Inland Rivers

15.99 usd

This App offers offline nautical charts, lake & river navigation maps for fishing, kayaking, boating and sailing. Coverage includes marine vector charts, freshwater lake maps, and inland river maps (HD/1ft/3ft bathymetry included where available). First marine GPS app to have route assistance with Voice Prompts for marine navigation. You can create new boating routes or import existing GPX/KML routes. It supports Nautical Charts course up orientation. Incl Tide & Currents prediction.►FEATURES√ Beautiful and detailed Hardware/GPU accelerated vector charts (text stays upright on rotation)√ Query details of Marine object (Buoy, Lights, Obstruction etc).√ Customizable depth(Ft/Fathom/Meter) and distance units (km/mi/NM)√ Customizable Shallow Depth.√ Record tracks, Autofollow with real-time track overlay & predicted path vector.√ Voice Prompts for marine navigation (requires GPS )√ 1ft / 3ft depth contour maps for anglers for selected lake maps.√ Supports GPX/KML for boating route editing/import.√ Tide & Currents prediction.√ Seamless chart quilting. Map details from Coastal, Approaches,Harbour, Inland Encs(rivers), and general ENC charts are automatically mapped to correct zoomlevel√ Enter or import Waypoints.
► MAPSGet all the details that you find in your chart plotters!Includes unlimited updates for 1 year.Europe Inland Rivers & Waterways: Donau/Danube/Dunaja,Rhine,Rhein,Garonne,Moselle,Drava,Sava,etc.
►Advanced NMEA Instrumentation√ AIS over TCP/UDP√ Wind speed, direction, temperature, depth, GPS over NMEA
►ROUTE MANAGEMENT / TRIP PLANNING√ Create New Route/Edit Routes√ Reverse Routes√ Enter,Move, Add, Delete, Rename Waypoints√ Import GPX, KML & KMZ files√ Plot/Edit Routes √ Share/Export Routes, Tracks & Markers
►GPS FEATURES√ Auto Follow* Real Time Track Overlay* Predicted Path Vector* Course Up (Text stays upright)* Speed & Heading√ Route Assistance With Voice Prompts* Prompts when approaching a boating route marker* Continous distance & ETA updates* Alerts when sailing/boating off route* Alerts when boating in wrong direction√ Record Tracks
►TIDE & CURRENTS* For US, Canada, UK,Germany&New Zealand* High/Low Tides* Tidal Current Prediction* Active Current Stations
► SHARING* Share tracks/routes/markers on Facebook & Twitter* Export tracks/routes/markers as compressed GPX files.*Austria-Donau*Belgium-Rupel,Netekanaal,Ringvaart om Gent,Schelde-Rijnverbinding,Dijle,Kanaal naar Charleroi,Beneden Zeeschelde,Bocholt-Herentals,Gent-Terneuzen,van Zeebrugge Achterhaven-inclusief het Boudewijnkanaal-tot en met haven Brugge,Zuid-Willemsvaart,Antwerpen Haven,Moervaart,Beneden-Nete,Dessel-Kwaadmechelen,Estuaire Vaart van Zeebrugge tot aan de Nederlandse Grens,Leie,Oostende Plassendalekanaal, Boven-Schelde, Vlaanderen, Zeekanaal, Albertkanaal, Oostende Haven met de 5-mijlszone Estuaire Vaart, Zeeschelde,*Bulgaria*Switzerland - Rhine*Czech Republic - Roudnice nad Labem, Kly, Lovosice, Libotenice, Kostelec nad Labem, Melnik, Hraz Slapske prehrady, Praha - Holesovice, Steti, Libcice nad Vltavou, Praha - Modrany, Podebrady, Usti nad Labem, Veltruby, Melnik - soutok, Vrane nad Vltavou, Chvaletice, Vranany, Hradistko, Dolni Zleb, Neratovice, Celakovice, Statni hranice CR - SRN, Nymburk, Brna nad Labem, Brandys nad Labem, Kralupy nad Vltavou, Litomerice, Hradistko, Male Brezno, Roztoky, Kolin, Decin,*Germany - Elbe, Westoder, Ruhr, Rhein-Herne-Kanal, Untere Havel-Wasserstraße (Spandau - Plaue), Weser, Neckar, Berlin-Spandauer-Schifffahrtskanal, Donau, Rhein, Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße, Havel-Oder-Wasserstraße, Main-Donau-Kanal, Wesel-Datteln-Kanal, Elbe-Havel-Kanal, Dortmund-Ems-Kanal, Elbe-Seitenkanal, Mittellandkanal, Mosel, Main, Saar*France - GRANDE SAONE, MOSELLE CANALISEE, LIAISON DUNKERQUE ESCAUT, GARONNE*Croatia - DRAVA, DANUBE, SAVA*Hungary - Danube*Netherlands*Romania - Maritime Danube, Sulina Channel, Danube Black Sea Channel*Serbia - Danube, Sava, Tisa*Slovakia - Dunaja / Danube